About Us

About Us

Welcome to Garage Door Repair Austin, Texas.

Garage Door Repair Austin has decades of experience servicing and installing garage doors. Our good service and expertise in the field has earned the trust of homeowners in and around Austin, and across Texas. Read on to learn more about our company, team, services and values.

Garage Door Repair Services

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

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Our services run from run-of-the-mill maintenance and problem-solving repairs to the thrill of installing new garage doors. We bring our all to every job and truly appreciate the change of pace in each. More often than not our customers catch us celebrating after successfully tackling a challenging repair, deep in concentration during a regular maintenance, or full of congratulations after putting in a beautiful new door. What we’re trying to say is: we love what we do!

Among the Best in the Industry

The ability to evaluate talent can make or break any enterprise. We’ve all heard the media analyzing and praising talents recruitment at some Super Bowl winning team or this and that high-flying tech company. It may surprise some to hear, but this applies to garage door companies as well. Garage Door Repair Austin , TX. has in its employ some of the most accomplished technicians in the industry.

Same Day Repair

Simply put, we treat repairs seriously. A malfunctioning door is a risky one, and it is our job and commitment to see to it that it's running in perfect order by the end of the day. No matter what part is needed, we'll make sure it is taken care of on the spot!

Best Customer Service

You will get a live person when you call or a knowledgeable staff will call you back shortly, but never an automated system since computers don’t know how to fix garage doors yet. We will communicate everything to you clearly and our best service extends before and after the sale.

The Benefits for Going Local

We are a local small business that understands you best, and we support other local businesses in the community. Our carefully chosen local network of suppliers matches the national names in quality and prices.

Garage Door Repair Austin is the clear choice for garage door services

in Austin Texas and the nearby area. Call us today to get the ball rolling! 


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