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Tips About Garage Doors and Springs

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Tips About Garage Doors and Springs

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There is so much to learn when it comes to garage doors! Safety, maintenance, troubleshooting, and the list goes on. Read the following tips to learn more about your door, opener, parts, and more.

The spring usually breaks when the garage door is closed or near closed

This is because the spring is under the highest level of stress when the garage door is down and closed. So if the spring is going to snap, it’s mostly likely when the door is closed (which is a good thing) or when it’s coming down almost all the way.

Go for a steel garage door for strength and durability

There’s a reason why almost all commercial garage doors are made of steel. Steel doors are stronger and more durable. These doors are quickly becoming the standard in residential use, and can even be painted in realistic wood finishes to match the façade of your property.

The springs and cables should be replaced as a set

When a partial garage door replacement becomes necessary, it’s important to remember that broken springs should be replaced as a set. According to our experts, the springs installed in a garage door likely have the same lifespans so it is better to completely replace all of them since the rest will eventually give in to regular wear and tear.

Prioritize safety when troubleshooting garage door problems

Our garage door experts agree that garage door repair tasks that require some tinkering on the torsion springs should be left to professionals. It is wise to allow professionals to deal with risky broken spring repair or replacement tasks. A very important tip: always think of your safety first.

Garage door insulation is generally important

Even if a garage is not covered by the central heating system, it’s advisable to insulate it especially if it composed of glass panel, aluminum, or steel. Insulation provides protection from both extreme heat and cold. It creates a protection against excessive temperatures that can also affect the operation of the garage door opener.

Make sure the opener unit is fastened well

Garage door openers must be fastened well on the angle iron or they might fall.Their fasteners get loosened up overtime and so they must be checked and tightened regularly.This also ensures good garage door movement according to our technicians in Austin.


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