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Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

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Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

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Simply put garage door repair related answers for everyone to read, understand and implement. Scroll down to check the most common questions that are often asked by people interested in finding out more about ways to maintain their garage door. Check out the answers and learn more about your door, too

For your garage door opener to work properly, certain safety devices must be installed. This is true no matter what type, size or brand of opener you have. If your door isn’t operating within specifications, check out our FAQ page for the answers to most questions, and if you still have concerns, call our experts.

How do AC and DC opener motors compare?

In general, the AC motors are very reliable and durable. The DC ones have two major advantages, however. They make less noise when operating. They are also more energy-efficient as well. Another benefit is that they can be paired with battery backup so that the opener can be used even when the mains power is out.

My opener does not open the door. Why?

Our professionals in Austin explain that the most common reason for this is malfunctioning safety sensors. Confirm that they get power and that they are clean and aligned to face each other. If this troubleshooting method does not work, the sensors should be replaced. The less likely cause of the problem is broken spring. If this is the case, you must not touch anything until the spring is replaced.

What is oil tempered torsion spring?

This type of garage door spring is made from steel wire, which has been dipped into hot oil in advance. The purpose of the oil is to reduce the friction during the winding and unwinding of the component when it helps for the closing and opening of the door respectively. Such components are used for doors which are operated more frequently than average on a daily basis.

How can I tell a spring has broken?

First, you might hear a loud bang because the tension the spring has been under got released. You also might hear the motor running but get no response when trying to work the opener. Our experts recommend that you immediately stop trying to use your door in this situation. It must not be used until the spring has been replaced, and such a procedure should only be conducted by a professional.


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