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As long as the garage door springs are in good condition and have proper balance, the door system will perform well. These components are responsible for counterbalancing the door's weight when it opens and closes. The torsion models provide torque while the extension ones stretch and contract in order to enable the movement. Since these components are under great tension, they are subjected to extensive wear and tear and break eventually. We are readily available to handle any issue as soon as it arises and to prevent accidents which pose safety risk to people and property.Garage Door Springs

Always Ready for Specialist Servicing

No issue is too big for us to handle. When you notice a minor or serious issue with your extension or torsion coil trampoline spring, you just need to reach us and share the problem. Our customer support staff will allocate a team to provide the required service for you. You can count completely on our emergency service that is available to deal with problems on the spot without any kind of delay. Our specialists will identify the cause of the problem and provide the most perfect solution in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Our expertise covers absolutely all door and hardware brands. Whether you have an EZ-Set Clopay torsion spring or a basic model from Stanley, we will resolve the problem swiftly and deliver the ideal outcome - safe and properly functioning system, which is convenient to use.

We, at Garage Door Repair Austin, place great importance on having spare parts at hand at all times. We have developed an excellent warehouse management system that enables us to stock on all components we require in our work. You can be certain that when one of our teams comes to you for providing broken garage door spring replacement, our technicians will carry the ideal new part. It will have the required specifications. It will be strong and durable. We will complete the installation work in no time.

Ours is the garage door repair company to call for any emergencies

In addition to providing effective torsion and extension springs repair, we offer complete maintenance to these and all other system components. We take care of the entire system by providing cleaning, lubrication maintenance and protection in the form of painting and weather seals. When it comes to springs, we inspect them fully and test the balance. We provide lubrication and adjustment. We will perform repair or replacement on the spot if needed.

No matter what type of garage door spring you have, you can rely on us to fix it perfectly. Which are the most common problems? The door may get out of balance, especially if its weight fluctuates considerably. Count on us to run tests and to adjust the torsion spring accurately to lift and close the door smoothly. Broken spring is undoubtedly one of the worst problems that can occur? Let us replace the torsion or extension spring with a new one having the exact same specs. If you notice deformed coils or other troubling sounds, turn to us right away and we’ll eliminate the problem fast.

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Garage Door Spring Repair

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