Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

We offer professional garage door services including spring repair. Here we explain how dangerous it can be to do it yourself, and why it is essential to have professional help.

Garage Door Spring Repair Is Dangerous

Many homeowners will think such a procedure is simple enough to attempt it themselves. Garage door spring repair can be incredibly dangerous if you lack the appropriate technique. The spring is responsible for holding the door in place safely when opening and closing. In any position, the spring is usually holding a certain level of tension. If the spring is removed or fitted incorrectly, it can explode dangerously.  

Garage Door Spring Repair

When A Spring Needs Repair

Your garage door spring can rust, stretch, become loose and snap if left to erode to a certain point. A broken spring will leave a garage door immobilized, so it needs to be replaced. If you notice your spring developing weakness is any way, it should be seen to by a professional that will assess its condition.

Professional Spring Replacement

Our expert technicians will be able to ensure your spring is fit for purpose. If it is faulty beyond the point of recovery, we have the expertise to replace it safely without further danger to you or your property.


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