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When simple troubleshooting doesn’t help, it’s time for us to step in and fix the problem with the spring, opener, bottom panel or any other component. Our garage door services cover all types of doors and electric operators regardless of the brand. When a cable snaps or a torsion spring breaks, count on us to come to you and replace the component quickly. With secure and accurate installation, even hardware part will work perfectly for a long time to come. We fix even the most specific motors and remote controls. Let us restore a damaged door completely in little time.

Offering Professional Repair Services

The importance of repair services is enormous. The proper replacement of garage door parts, the meticulous installation of the new ones and their repairs when they don't work at their maximum capacity ensures stability. Good services also ensure good operation and in turn safety. Garage Door Repair Austin makes sure of these things. With technicians who are experienced with all types of doors and fully committed, the services of our company couldn't be less than exceptional. We offer great services and can ensure the safety of your overhead door and the proper operation of your roll up.

What We Do

The range of our repair services is not limited. Everything your garage system needs we take care of. When parts don't work well, are noisy or broken, we take care of damage by providing the right service. We can adjust misaligned parts and we will replace the broken ones. We have been working for years in the field, and know the importance of accuracy as well as speed. We can assure you that the quality of our services will not only meet but definitely exceed your expectations. We replace garage door springs and the bottom seal if needed. We solve opener problems by troubleshooting the system and isolating the problem. We adjust sensors and put the cable around the drum. We replace the broken pulley and putt the door back on tracks. We are experts, fast and very efficient in our work. Send us a message if you want repair services.

Some Helpful Tidbits

My garage door is broken. Now what?

If your garage door isn’t working, the only thing to do is get some experienced technicians over to fix it. If you can figure out what’s wrong with the door, telling them about it over the phone will make it easier. Don’t try to fix it yourself unless you’ve had too much technical training to be reading this FAQ. Garage door repair is a dangerous business, and amateur attempts cause thousands of injuries each year.

Garage door is stuck what do I do?

If you can figure out how and why the door got stuck, you should tell your garage door repair company the details. If you urgently need to open or close the door right now, try throwing the manual release and moving it by hand. Make sure you have someone helping you with this and be very careful not to drop the door or crush your fingers or feet under it. Use some wooden blocks or other sturdy objects to help you hold the door open while adjusting your grip. If the door won’t move even in manual release, don’t try to force it.

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We also offer the following services:

Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Screw Drive Opener Replacement

Broken Spring Replacement & Repair

Track Alignment & Repair


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